The British Association for Local History (BALH), in collaboration with Pharos Tutors, runs a variety of on-line courses aimed at developing your history research skills. Most take four weeks, and are reasonably priced at around £55.

Getting Started with Local History, commencing 2 September 2024

Wills and Administrations – the Riches of Probate Records, commencing 2 September 2024

Victorian Crime and Punishment – Courts, Police and Prisons, commencing 9 September 2024

Discovering Your British Family and Local Community in the Early 20th Century, commencing 7 October 2024

Introduction to House History, commencing 7 October 2024

Manorial Records for Family and Local Historians, commencing 21 October 2024

Nonconformity – Its Records and History 1600 – 1950, commencing 24 October 2024


Local historian and OLHA committee member Liz Woolley will be running her popular weekly class The City of Oxford 1850-1914 on Wednesday mornings from 25 September to 4 December 2024, at the Museum of Oxford. This will be a great opportunity to learn about the social, cultural and economic changes that Oxford underwent in the Victorian and Edwardian periods – concentrating on the history of the “town” rather than the “gown” – and to set local developments into a national context. Further information and booking here.


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